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Steam Deck Beta Client Update: July 18th

Note: This update is for the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels and includes new features that are still being tested. You can opt into this in Settings > System > System Update Channel. General

  • Fixed a case where the wrong FPS limit could be applied on startup.

  • Fixed a case where the controller input thread could operate at normal instead of high scheduling priority.

  • Fixed styling on the login error screen and made the retry button accessible to the gamepad.


  • Added the ability to sort by date added to library to shelves and game grids. Deck.

Developer console

  • Added a setting to display timestamps in the Steam console window.

  • Changed Steam console window to keep the last several seconds of output even if that would exceed the normal buffer length.

  • Fixed command echo sometimes appearing on the same line as the previous output.

  • Fixed clear_console command not doing anything.

Full release here.


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