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South Park: Snow Day - MSI Claw Core Ultra 7 Performance & Gameplay

Let's look at performance and gameplay for South Park: Snow Day. As a big South Park fan, I was excited to try this game out.

Overall, it's a small release but fun nonetheless. I didn't expect it to be a super hard game to run but not necessarily easy either. In terms of performance, the game can be a bit janky here or there. However, I haven't had any crashing issues or anything like that with the game.

I started off at high textures, medium, and everything else motion blur off, and full screen 1080p to see how things would work out. But I did wind up making some changes and switched to 720p medium on everything, which worked out better. The game runs really well if you go to 720p, and it looks great on the Claw screen as well.

However, there are times in this game where you can get into the teens where the Claw just has issues with that power balancing in between the calls to the CPU and GPU.

Unfortunately, that's been really typical when it comes to the Claw. So, if you're playing right now on the Claw, expect some jankiness and weird things to happen no matter your settings.

Overall, I'm having a good time with the game, but I'm a big South Park Fan. It's a small $30 release, and I wasn't personally expecting a lot out of it. But, if you're not a South Park fan, this game might not be for you.


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