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ROG Ally vs MSI Claw: Cyberpunk 2077 Comparison

Let's compare Cyberpunk 2077 performance. In this post, I compared Cyberpunk 2077 on the ROG Ally Z1 Extreme model with the newer MSI Claw with the Intel Ultra 7. As I had been testing the MSI Claw for a few weeks, I found this to be an interesting comparison.

I used FSR and XeSS at medium preset and knocked anything High down to medium or low at 1080p. I did the testing unplugged first, and there was a big difference when it comes to the temperatures and power needed to get the performance that you're seeing here.

The Claw had almost half the frame rate and a lot of stutters and issues, especially in areas that are outside. The game is fairly broken, and I'm pretty sure that the Ultra 7 would be capable of running this game better if there wasn't such issue, be it the power balancing vram issues, the drivers, whatever is really keeping it from getting the performance it should get. It's definitely not able to hold its own in any way up against the ROG Ally.

Doing XeSS, which is native to the Claw versus FSR, which is native to AMD or the Ally, helps close the gap a little bit as the Allies lose a frame or two here and there, and the MSI Claw gains a little bit with XSS being native over FSR. However, due to the broken nature of the game, it actually closed the gap pretty well in that area too.

Real-world gameplay is just as broken as you saw at the end of the benchmark for the Claw, and it's a shame because there's a lot we like about the Claw, but being similar to the Ally, even if it didn't beat or come up to the Z1 Extreme Performance, we certainly would have liked to see smooth consistent performance in this game for a better comparison.

The game still runs good on the ROG Ally, and I have played Cyberpunk on the Steam Deck, the Legion Go, and the Ally. The Claw is very surprising to me that there's so much issue with that game right now at launch and pretty much an unplayable experience. Overall, it was an interesting comparison, and I hope this was helpful to you all.


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