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ROG Ally, Gyro Support Added, Bios 336, Huge Sale and New ACSE features

I'm excited to bring you an in-depth look at the latest Armoury Crate and firmware updates for the ROG Ally. These updates pack a host of fantastic new features that are sure to enhance your gaming experience. Plus, I'll fill you in on an incredible sale for the ROG Ally at the end of this article.

Calibrating the Gyros

The first noticeable change with the update is the gyro calibration feature. Calibration is now more intuitive and efficient. Just head to the calibration menu in Armoury Crate, and with a simple click, your gyro is calibrated, ensuring more accurate and responsive control

Setting Gyros for Games

A game-changer for gamers, literally, is the ability to set gyros for individual games. Each game can have its gyro settings, like assigning it to the right joystick or customizing it to a specific button. I tested this with Cyberpunk, and the experience was seamless and immersive. Tilt the ROG Ally, and you'll see the gyro responding in real-time, enhancing gameplay significantly.

Real-Time Monitor Options

The update introduces various new rows in the real-time monitor. You can now select from multiple display options, each customizable and moveable, adding a layer of personalization to your gaming setup.

Feedback Hub and Enhanced Accessibility

Asus proves its dedication to user experience with the addition of a Feedback Hub in the Help Center. This feature reflects a commitment to continually improving based on user input. Also, accessing the keyboard is now simpler with a direct option in the command center, bypassing the need for additional commands.

Advanced Graphics and Battery Icon Update

Graphics enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to toggle advanced graphics settings directly from the GPU settings. This bypasses the need for AMD software, streamlining the process. Additionally, the updated battery icon now includes slow charging tooltips, a handy feature for monitoring your device’s charging status.

Media Sharing and CPU Boost Toggle

Sharing your gaming highlights has never been easier. With the new update, you can directly share screenshots or videos to social platforms like Discord, Twitter, or Instagram. For performance enthusiasts, toggling CPU boost from the command center is now an option, giving you more control over your device's performance.

Joystick Response Curve and Extreme Standby Mode

Fine-tuning your gaming experience continues with the joystick response curve feature. This per-game setting allows you to adjust the response curve of your joystick, enhancing your control and precision. The Extreme Standby Mode, akin to features in devices like the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, helps conserve battery when the device is powered off.

Huge Sale on ROG Ally

Finally, I'm thrilled to announce an amazing sale on the ROG Ally. The Z1 processor model is now available for $200 off, making it just $400, while the Z1 Extreme is $100 off, priced at $600. This sale, extending beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to purchase this impressive device.

The Armoury Crate update for the ROG Ally is a testament to Asus’s commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement. Each new feature adds layers of customization, control, and convenience, making the ROG Ally an even more impressive device. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these updates and your experiences with the new features.

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