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RIFTSTORM Steam Deck Gameplay & Performance

I'm excited to share my first impressions of RIFTSTORM, an upcoming top-down action shooter that's poised to captivate Steam Deck users. A big shoutout to Mythic Protocol for granting us early access as part of their Creator Early Access program.

RIFTSTORM is set to enter public playtesting from November 15th. If you’re eager to try it out, head to the Steam store to request access. This is a great chance to provide feedback before the game enters early access. While there’s no fixed release date, your input can shape the game's development.

Graphics-wise, the options are somewhat limited. I played on medium settings, balancing performance and visuals well. However, note that the frame rate can drop, especially during intense action scenes. Despite this, the game's vibrant aesthetic and dynamic effects still shine through.

Inviting friends for cross-platform play can be cumbersome due to lengthy codes, but Steam invitations streamline the process. Full multiplayer co-op is available and runs smoothly on the Steam Deck. The game’s visuals are particularly impressive on the device's screen, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks on the upcoming OLED model.

Gameplay in RIFTSTORM is exhilarating. As you delve into dungeons, you'll experience a robust twin-stick shooter mechanic with many abilities to acquire and level up. The game is essentially a tower crawler, becoming progressively more challenging, and even features leaderboards for an added competitive edge.

One downside is the performance dips in areas with intense action, where the frame rate can fall to 30-40 FPS. However, these drops didn't significantly impact my gameplay experience, thanks to the game's engaging mechanics and focus on movement and combat. If maintaining a higher FPS is crucial, consider lowering the settings.

I encountered substantial load times and occasional issues when the game was set to high graphics. These issues were less pronounced on medium settings, suggesting that finding the right balance is key for optimal performance. Additionally, there were some controller prompt issues in the menus, which are expected to be resolved during the public playtest phase.

RIFTSTORM is still in the polishing phase, but it already shows a lot of promise. It's a visually stunning game with engaging gameplay well-suited for the Steam Deck. I’m eager to see how it evolves with community feedback.


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