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Remote Play Your PlayStation 5 in HDR on your Steam Deck OLED

Deckers rejoice with the latest update to Chiaki4Deck, version 1.5.0, which brings an exciting development for Steam Deck users. This new version introduces High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for streaming PlayStation 5 games, marking a significant enhancement in the remote gaming experience.

Chiaki4Deck, an open-source client for PlayStation 4 and 5 remote play, has been a game-changer for streaming PlayStation games on the Steam Deck with it's custom controls.

If you haven't updated already, you will need to switch over to Desktop mode on your Steam Deck and check the version in the Discover store to make sure you are on at least version 1.5.0.

The 1.5.0 Update - What's New:

The highlight of the 1.5.0 update is undoubtedly the HDR support for PlayStation 5 games. This feature enhances the visual quality of games, offering more vivid colors and improved contrast. The update also includes:

  • Enhanced resolution settings, allowing for crisper and more detailed graphics.

  • Improved latency management, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

  • User interface tweaks to facilitate easier navigation and settings adjustments.

If you want to set up Chiaki4Deck on your Steam Deck we have a text guide here and our video guide is included below

Please note: If you have already installed Chiaki4Deck on your Steam Deck OLED, you will need to change the codec in the Stream settings on Chiaki4Deck to make use of HDR, as well as having it enabled on the PS5.

The release of Chiaki4Deck 1.5.0 with HDR support for PlayStation 5 games on Steam Deck is a significant milestone in the realm of game streaming. It not only enhances the gaming experience for Steam Deck users but also sets a new standard in the interoperability of gaming platforms.

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