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Palworld Steam Deck Essentials Mod Performance and Installation Guide


Palworld is taking the world by storm and now we're seeing the introduction of performance-enhancing mods, such as the Steam Deck Essentials mod.

When running the modded version on the same settings – TAA, view distance on low, and everything else on medium – there's a noticeable improvement in frames per second (FPS).

While the unmodded version typically runs at about 30 to 34 FPS, it experiences dips and loading spikes, especially during intense battles and when rendering more elements at a distance. These dips can go below 30 FPS, sometimes down to 28, although the frame time remains relatively stable.

The Steam Deck Essentials mod enhances the game's performance even amidst chaotic scenes, such as a busy base under attack. While there are some frame time spikes, the FPS generally remains above 30, with only minor dips below 28. This results in a smoother gaming experience on both the LCD and OLED versions of the Steam Deck, offering an average increase of 3 to 5 FPS.


To install this mod, users need to switch their Steam Deck to desktop mode and navigate to Nexus Mods here using their preferred web browser.

A free Nexus Mods account is required to download the mod, with premium accounts offering faster download options.

Once downloaded, open your Steam Library and open select Palworld -> Settings Cog -> Manage -> Browse Local files

From there, go into Pa l-> Content -> Paks

From the Downloaded Archive, copy the ~Mods folder into the Paks Directory

Next you will want to navigate to the SteamCompat location to change the Engine.ini file, for this, copy the last path in the Readme file that is in the downloaded archive under the Engine.ini section

Paste that into the address bar in the dolphin file explorer and you are ready to pick the version you want to mod.

It's a good idea to Backup your Engine.ini file in that directory, but not essential.

The mod offers various graphical settings, including cartoon style and balanced FXAA versions. While the cartoon styles didn't perform well in testing, the balanced FXAA version struck an ideal balance between graphical fidelity and performance.

Once you have chosen the version just copy the .ini file into the folder and replace the existing one (if you didn't back it up)

Now you can return to game mode and fire the game back up and enjoy your modded verison.

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