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MSI's New Handheld Leaked - The MSI Claw

MSI teased their new handheld yesterday on Social media ahead of CES 2024 but already much more details have already leaked, and it looks like the ROG Ally most people wanted

Video Update

Benchmarks showing the following has also appeared online (via Twitter)

You Can see the core information below stating that the MSI Claw is running Windows, an INTEL APU not the Z1 Extreme and also 32GB RAM, which a lot of people have been asking for so they can finally set 8GB VRAM and not have to worry with most games running out.

You Can see the full results on GeekBench here:

While there is the distinct lack of Trackpads, this definately becomes a major contendor to replace the ROG Ally if the game and battery life performance is what we would expect, but as we don't have full details on the Screen Size, resolution, weight, size of the device, extra buttons etc, it brings more questions than answers.

CES 2024 is going to be very interesting!

We will update this article with further information as it develops.

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