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MSI Claw Pre-orders Now Available

The lack of release information for the MSI continues with a surprise drop of US, UK and Indonesian pre-orders available.

In the UK the MSI Claw is available exclusively via Currys.

Showing a release day of March 20, 2024, the Core Ultra 7 version of the MSI Claw with a 1 TB SSD can be pre-ordered for £799, and the Core Ultra 5 version with a 512GB SSD for £699.

MSI Claw Core Ultra 7 Model - here

MSI Claw Core Ultra 5 Model - here

Only one site in the USA is currently showing pre-orders for the MSI Claw which is at HID Evolution which is showing 3 models available

Claw A1M-050US - Core Ultra 7, 1 TB SSD

Claw A1M-051US - Core Ultra 7, 512 GB SSD

Claw A1M-052US - Core Ultra 5, 512 GB SSD

Pre-orders are also available in Indonesia via BliBli

Pre-orders are also now showing for Canada at Best Buy


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