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May 9, Steam Deck Beta Update

Another big Steam Deck beta update just dropped filled with a lot of fixes including one for CS:GO


  • Fixed the close button on the Update News dialog starting at the top of the dialog, then moving down to the bottom when the content loaded

  • Fixed issue where "Invite to Play" was not available in the Friends List for some games (e.g. CS:GO)

  • Minor performance improvements when changing sections

  • Remove notifications from the green envelope menu 48hrs after they've been viewed. Previously notifications were only removed after they were read. The rollups will still refer the user to unread notifications which can be viewed on the All Notifications page.

Game Notes

  • Added setting to toggle spell-checking

  • Temporarily disable spell-check when game notes are displayed in the overlay and are in pinned view

Screenshots Manager

  • Fixed issue with list dropdown not scrolling correctly when there is not enough space to display all items

  • Fixed issues where not all apps with screenshots might show in the list dropdown or where not all screenshots for a given app might show up in the list

  • Display correct hotkey in screenshot explanation

Friends & Chat

  • Fixed issue where going idle would cause Friends & Chat to reconnect when offline

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed issue where some Friends List actions would load a browser unintentionally (e.g. Join Game)

  • Fixed the issue where starting a game would load the Friends List actions from a previous session, causing soft locks in some games.

  • Fixed the issue where View Game Info did not show a friend's game info dialog in the overlay

  • Fixed bug where pinned windows were not the correct opacity when the game was started

  • Fixed microtransaction browser not being centered in the overlay

  • Added back option to use the Big Picture Mode overlay if a controller is connected, while in Desktop mode

  • Added resize window gripper to lower right-hand corner of resizable popup windows

Big Picture Mode

  • Search will now return tags in addition to games. You can search for categories like "Free to Play" or individual tags like "survival" or "zombies".

  • Fixed achievements display in the overlay

  • Enabled additional toast notifications that were previously on visible in Desktop mode

Steam Input

  • Fixed Switch Pro Controller's Gyro Roll axis over-writing its Pitch axis and accelerometer readings.

  • Ongoing rumble is now interrupted when switching away from the app that requested it.

Remote Play Together

  • Fixed the remote player getting "host busy" dialog after the overlay is dismissed

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