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May 2, Steam Deck Beta Update and Proton 8-02

The updates are coming thick and fast from Valve for both the Steam Deck beta and Preview channels and also Proton updates, does this mean that the new Steam OS 3.5 is coming this month? We think so, the updates ramping up is a sure sign of the next big release.

Proton also got a bump to Proton 8-02 bringing over the latest Experimental channel updates, full release notes below.

Steam Deck Beta Client update


  • Implemented find bar for searching within a web page

  • Added product name to Activate a Product dialog on successful activation

  • Fixed chance of first webpage navigation each session being unreachable via the back button

  • Fixed systray menu opening across monitor boundaries for certain display configurations

  • Clicking on a comment notification will now navigate to the first unread comment in the thread

  • Fixed Controller Calibration window closing when opening the Output tab from Steam Desktop UI

  • Fixed some alignment issues on the downloads page

  • Fixed some alignment issues in the bottom bar

Screenshots Manager

  • Fixed list preview images distorting screenshot aspect ratios

  • Fixed dialog remaining in background on attempts to reopen

  • Fixed old dialog showing up after game sessions instead of new dialog for users with that setting enabled


  • Settings that require a restart will now give the option to restart later

Steam Input

  • Added missing inputs to the "Listen" dialog

  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly opening the configurator to the same config could cause edits to not stick

  • Fixed issues with gyroscope orientation in Joystick Move mode

Proton 8-02

  • Fixed Baldur's Gate 3 getting stuck on a black screen in Vulkan mode.

  • Fixed Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition and Divinity Original Sin II: Definitive Edition crashing on launch.

  • Fixed Path of Exile crashing.

  • Fixed memory leak in Trackmania and Ubisoft Connect overlay.

  • Improved Elden Ring compatibility compared to Proton 8.0-1. It can still be finicky.

  • Fixed Red Dead Redemption 2 and other games not starting after switching from Proton Experimental to stable.

  • Added a temporary workaround for EA Launcher crashing. Steam Deck's on-screen keyboard may not pop up automatically while using it.

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