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Mar 29, Steam Deck Beta Client Update

The Steam Deck beta client got a minor update to address a couple of bugs but we also missed the Mar 27 update so we have rolled them into one update for you below

Note: This update is for the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels.

You can opt into this in Settings > System > Steam Update Channel.


  • Fixed issue where a game's specific uninstall UI was not visible

  • Uninstalling a game no longer displays a modal dialog

  • Apply text filtering preferences in Guides in the Overlay

  • Removed soundtracks from All Collections since it has its own tab

  • Fixed an issue where two settings pages could be visible at once

  • Fixed overflowing friends list when sharing a screenshot

  • Fixed some styling issues in the Quick Access Menu > Friends List

  • Fixed install location dialog showing when only the Steam Deck internal storage is available

Desktop Mode

  • Display an error if the user is trying to log in anonymously in the client. This mode is only supported for steamcmd.

  • Fixed "Manage Storage" button opening the storage settings page

  • Fix soundtrack cover art not appearing in content management panel

  • Fixed popup menus opening at the wrong DPI in multi-monitor mixed-DPI configurations.

  • Fixed showing notifications in the Big Picture Mode game overlay

  • Fixed login refresh dialog not showing in overlay when a game is launched by a second Steam session while a game is running

Steam Input

  • Increase responsiveness of the "Joystick Deadzone" visualization

  • Gyro As Joystick can now optionally output to Left Joystick

  • Fixed Gyro's Left/Right Stick Deflection Modifier not working

  • Fixed Modeshift bindings not being removable when viewing the command on the input


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