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Lenovo Legion Go: The Latest Lossless Scaling Update!

Updated: Mar 21

In a recent update, Lossless Scaling, a software designed for the Lenovo Legion Go and the ROG Ally, showcases significant improvements in addressing ghosting issues.

The video focuses on testing two games, God of War and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Survivor, both of which previously struggled with noticeable ghosting during fast movements.

Starting with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Survivor, the video demonstrates the impact of the update on ghosting reduction. We adjusted the settings to a medium preset, 800p resolution, and activates Lossless Scaling to enhance performance. While some remnants of ghosting are still observable, the improvement is remarkable compared to the previous state, with a smoother gaming experience noted.

The video emphasizes the application of Lossless Scaling, which boosts FPS (frames per second) and makes games that might be unplayable on the device more accessible. We attain 80-90 FPS during gameplay, attributing the smoother experience to the reduced ghosting and improved performance after the update.

Moving on to God of War, we showcased the settings, opting for borderless mode at 800p resolution. The FPS count in the top left corner reveals high 80s to 90s, indicating an enhanced performance. The video demonstrates that, unlike the previous version of Lossless Scaling, the updated version significantly diminishes ghosting issues, making the gaming experience more enjoyable.

We encourage viewers to explore Lossless Scaling as the update is hailed as impressive, particularly for addressing ghosting problems in games that previously exhibited noticeable blurring during fast movements.

We also want to mention the anticipation of AMD frame generation, highlighting Lossless Scaling as a valuable option for users seeking an immediate solution to enhance frame rates and gameplay on their devices. The update is celebrated for making previously borderline playable games much more accessible and enjoyable.


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