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Lenovo Legion GO ONEXGPU 1600p AAA Game Showcase

Today, I've got something extra special lined up as we take a deep dive into the Lenovo Legion Go running with the ONEXGPU.

We're pushing the boundaries by showcasing some heavy hitters at a stunning 1600p resolution. We've got an impressive lineup including Cyberpunk 2077, Jedi: Survivor, HellDivers 2, and God of War. If you're looking to see these games in action, don't forget to smash that like button and subscribe on the video above because we've got more ONEXGPU with Legion Go content coming your way.

First up, let's tackle Cyberpunk 2077. Running at 1600p with medium graphical settings, the visuals are breathtaking, especially during intense driving sequences where FPS stability is crucial. Despite the demanding graphics, the Legion Go holds its own, maintaining a solid FPS count around 50-60, making for a truly immersive experience.

Moving on to Jedi: Survivor, we're treated to another visual feast at 1600p with a medium graphical preset and FSR set on balance. The clarity of the image is remarkable, showcasing the Legion Go's prowess. With FPS hovering around 50-60, it's obvious that console-like quality gaming is within reach, even on the go.

Now we look at HellDivers 2, known for its demanding visuals, we're met with stunning graphics at 1600p with medium settings. Despite the game's high demands, the Legion Go impresses with FPS ranging from high 40s to 50s, providing an immersive experience without compromising on graphical fidelity.

Lastly we delve into God of War, running flawlessly at 1600p with high graphical settings. With a consistent 60 FPS, the Legion Go showcases its capabilities yet again, delivering smooth gameplay that rivals console performance. Considering its performance, I'm contemplating another video to explore 120 FPS gameplay, particularly with optimized titles like God of War.

Overall, the ONEXGPU paired with the Lenovo Legion Go offers an exceptional experience, allowing you to enjoy high graphical settings at 1600p without sacrificing performance. If you're keen on maximizing your Legion Go's potential, this setup is definitely the way to go.


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