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Lenovo Legion Go News: Driver Updates, Roadmap and more!

Lenovo gave us an update on some of the launch issues and even gave us some insight into what they are working on including new drivers.

A summary of the roadmap can be found below:

Legion Space

  • Another update coming around November 10th, and another 2-4 weeks after that.

  • Darker UI option will be released around November 10th

  • DPI Settings for FPS mode will appear in Controller settings once FPS mode is toggled on (already implemented in

  • Right Legion button optimizations are being worked on to make it quicker and more intuitive to access performance settings and toggles.

  • Trackpad DPI and Joystick Deadzone management are works in progress

  • Working on making "Apply Game Profile" more intuitive, some improvements coming around November 10th


  • New VGA drivers are coming very soon (within the next 72 hours) and can be found here when available here

  • Gyros: 3 Total, one in each controller and one in the main unit

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