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Legion Go OneXGPU Showcase!

Time for a performance roundup! In today's article, I wanted to showcase the latest AAA games running under LENOVO Legion Go using the OneXGPU.

Firstly, I demonstrated Avatar, which is a game that many of you have been asking us to show after the last OneXGPU showcase. As you can see here, I have this running at medium graphical preset and I have it at 1200p. This game looks absolutely gorgeous, and it does a great job holding 60 FPS throughout the gameplay. If you were looking to play this game with the OneXGPU on the Legion Go, you'll have an incredible experience.

Next up is Horizon Forbidden West, and as you can see here, I have a 1200p setting, which is equivalent to 1080p, and I have a medium graphical preset. This game looks absolutely stunning running with the OneXGPU. We've done a gameplay showcase with this game running under LENOVO Legion Go without a OneXGPU, and it is definitely playable and a good time. But if you want to run this one at 1200p, I believe this is the best way to do it. This looks like a console-like quality experience on the Legion Go.

Lastly, I demonstrated Dragon Dogma 2. For this game, I have it at 1200p and low settings. As you guys know, this game is just not optimized to run on any platform. We've done a showcase of this game without using the OneXGPU, and it really struggles. But looking at this one at low settings at 1200p does look pretty good, and you're getting a decent FPS count here. Now you've seen the highlight of these latest AAA games.


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