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Legion Go Beta Bios 28WW and GPU Driver news

Another update on Lenovo Legion. In my latest endeavor, I explored the new BIOS V28 beta and VGA driver beta releases, and I'm thrilled to share my experience with you.

Installing the BIOS V28 Beta

First up, let's talk about installing the BIOS V28 beta. Lenovo provided a link, which I added in the video description for easy access. The process is pretty straightforward. After downloading the file, I located it in my downloads folder. The next step was to extract the file, which I did by simply clicking on the extract option.

Once extracted, the installation was a breeze. I double-clicked on the file, followed the prompts, and voila – the BIOS was installed. It's essential to select 'Run anyway' when prompted, to ensure proper installation. The whole process felt like magic – smooth and hassle-free.

Updating the VGA Driver

The process for updating the VGA driver is similar. The provided link takes you to the download page, and after downloading, you find yourself with a new folder. Like before, you need to extract the contents.

The critical step here is running the installation file as an administrator. This ensures that the update goes through without any hitches. After running it, the system briefly went to a black screen and ran some commands – nothing to worry about. In my case, it took about two minutes.

Once the installation was complete, I verified it by checking the AMD software. It confirmed that I had the latest driver installed – a satisfying moment indeed!

Noticing the Changes

Now, let's delve into the changes these updates bring. The most notable improvement I observed was with the FPS tracker. While playing Cyberpunk, I noticed a more stable and accurate FPS count, which is a significant enhancement for gamers. This update has definitely enhanced the gaming experience on the Lenovo Legion.

I also explored the BIOS settings. There, I noticed new memory allocation options, including a 6 GB setting. This addition provides more flexibility in system configuration. Additionally, there were some changes in the thermal settings, with options like 'Stamp' and 'SST' still available.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these updates show that Lenovo is not just listening to its community but also acting swiftly to enhance user experience. The performance improvements with the Lenovo Legion are tangible and commendable. It's a testament to Lenovo's commitment to its users.

To everyone following my tech journey, I appreciate your support and look forward to bringing more updates. Stay tuned for more tech insights, and until next time, peace out!

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