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July 3 - July 6 Steam Deck Beta Updates

More Steam Deck beta updates and still no sign of 3.5 official.

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed date/time tooltip on events rendering full screen.

  • Fixed emoticons in chat expanding to the entire window on hover.

  • Fixed app icons for events in What's New not loading on first click.

  • Fixed style of low battery notification

  • Added playing a sound when displaying a notification toast in desktop mode

  • In Big Picture mode, added playing a sound to some notification toasts where it was previously missing

  • Fixed links not working in account creation and pre-login help dialogs

  • Fixed windows sometimes not updating appearance when clicking maximize button

  • Fixed issue where viewing a user's profile was not working in some older games (e.g Left 4 Dead 2)

  • Fixed issue where the overlay was not responding to mouse input when their was a controller configuration loaded that included virtual menus

  • Fixed an issue where the "Invite Friend to Game" dialog didn't work while in a Steam group voice chat channel

  • Fixed minimize/maximize buttons not working for chat windows created minimized

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed some issues where some taller sections in controller summary layout preview screen were cut-off at the bottom when viewed in the in-game overlay

  • Fixed error message sometimes displayed while showing a notification.


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