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Is FPS Mode On The Legion Go A Gimmick?

FPS mode is a feature that can be hit or miss for the Legion Go. Some people swear by it, while others think that it's a gimmick. I took some time to test this feature out and in today's article we want to go over our experience and let you guys know if this feature is a gimmick or not. Also, if you were interested in the button layout that we used for the testing you can check out the video that we made about it.

Let's start with "Halo Infinite," campaign with FPS mode. The layout I went with felt intuitive: the analog stick for movement, buttons for actions like jumping, ducking, and using special equipment like grappling hooks. What stands out is the natural feel of the layout; aiming, jumping, and ducking are seamlessly integrated. The trigger buttons are used for attacking, with one designated for melee attacks. The convenience of having a dedicated reload button cannot be overstated. It adds a realistic touch, akin to reloading a real gun. I was surprised by how fun this experience was and I was able to get multiple headshots with FPS mode on the Legion Go.

I also tested out the latest "Call of Duty" with FPS Mode on the Legion Go. While I'm not the best at this game, the mode still provided a solid multiplayer experience. However, I did notice a minor issue with grenade throwing, which wasn't as smooth as in "Halo Infinite." This inconsistency highlights the need for some fine-tuning across different games.

My overall verdict is that FPS mode is far from being a gimmick, it offers a refreshing challenge and adds a new dimension to gaming. It requires some adjustment and muscle memory, but the payoff is an enriched, more engaging gaming experience. I highly recommend giving FPS mode a try, whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite FPS games.


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