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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is NOT working on Steam Deck

After the rollercoaster The Division 2 release with it not working on Steam Deck at launch and then working a day later after a patch, we can only hope Ghost Recon Breakpoint gets the same treatment.

As it stands Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not working on Steam Deck and we have 2 different errors depending on what you run it as.

It doesn't matter if we launch with Vulkan or DX 11 we get the same Direct X error shown below.

Unfortunately, the link it points you to is also a dead end, it just redirects to the generic support page and has no solution to the actual error.

If we try and run with a custom Proton Version such as GE-Proton 7-43 we get an activation error instead as shown below.


Thanks to a community post on Reddit, we have got this running, check out the gameplay below and how to fix the errors in our latest video.

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