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GE-Proton8-26/27 Released

The latest version of the Glorious Eggroll Proton compatibility layer is available, version 8-27 was released shortly after 8-26 as a hotfix, so the combined release notes are below showing the items most related to the Steam Deck:

  • added farlight 84 patch update

  • unified fix for cpu topology workaround (thanks Root-Core)

  • unified fix for protonaudioconv workaround (thanks R1kaB3rN)

  • unified fix for xliveless xlive workaround added (thanks Root-Core)

  • unified fix for esync/fsync enable/disable added (thanks R1kaB3rN)

  • cutscene audio in BlazBlue Centralfiction workaround added (thanks spifferoo)

  • game fix added for Renegade Ops (thanks Root-Core)

  • cleanup of deprecated LAA, dxvk-async, and win32 helper functions (thanks R1kaB3rN)

  • cutscene audio fix for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles workaround added (thanks eagleflo)

  • game fix added for The Forest (thanks Root-Core)

  • updated fix for Super Naughty Maid 2 (thanks R1kaB3rN)


  • Disabled Nvidia Latency Reflex patches. After discussion with dxvk devs they are currently deemed problematic and need more work, and are known to cause stutters in games even when the feature is disabled. We will re-enable the patches when they are ready.

  • Fixed Farlight 84 patch that was missing a lock causing problems in SDL games

  • Backported a fix for HID devices with more than 8-axis

You can see the full release notes here

If you want to know how to use GE-Protons, check out our video guide below:

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