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Forever Skies Early Access Launches with Steam Deck support

Forever Skies is launching (in more ways than one) on June 22, 2023 and we are happy to report its working great on the Steam Deck at 30 FPS.

You can see our Early Access gameplay below

For the best experience on the Steam Deck you will want to cap the FPS to 30 in game and on the Steam Deck, and set the in-game settings to low.

Hopefully, we should see some performance improvements as the game releases as we already saw a huge leap from the demo.

Even better, another patch just launched today with the following fixes:

  • Tool charger is available in the Research Station from the very beginning, It’s no longer found on an Overgrown Tower.

  • “!” Quest locations will stay visible on your Radar if you don’t finish these quests during your first visit to these locations.

  • Players should now be informed if they try to load old saves that are no longer compatible with the current version of the game. This only affects saves made in the demo and playtest versions of the game.

  • Doors and Room frames damage visuals should be shown properly where the damage was dealt.

  • Localization and small bug fixes.

We can't wait to see what Forever Skies has in store in future and a huge thanks to Far From Home for proving us Early Access and the key to test this one out.


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