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Feb 10, Steam Deck Client Update

The Stable Channel (default) has been updated for the Steam Deck including the following fixes:

  • Reduced startup time for users with tens of thousands of games in their library

  • The Virtual Keyboard in the Overlay now remembers its last position

  • Added settings for an initial location to show the keyboard on the desktop and in the Steam overlay

  • Added fast jump by letter to library

  • Fixed Chord Hint Screen remaining shown after holding the guide button to turn off a controller in some scenarios

  • Fixed small movement of Virtual Keyboard when pressing shift in some themes

Steam Input
  • Fixed some inputs not showing up for the Steam Link App Touchscreen controller

  • Fixed several instances of Left Bumper/Trigger glyphs having the wrong background image

  • Fixed an issue where a Team Fortress 2 Steam Controller startup sound was missing

  • Fixed some issues with Nintendo switch gyro drift calibration

Desktop Mode
  • Reverted back to the old Game Info dialog that is accessible from the Friends List

  • Added alt-enter as a hotkey to exit Big Picture Mode

  • Fixed Big Picture Mode window not re-opening from double-clicking or selecting system tray menu options

  • Fixed Big Picture Mode window not displaying properly due to web GPU acceleration being disabled

  • Fixed issue where exiting Big Picture Mode would log out of Steam Chat

  • Fixed crash when opening the Steam store

  • Fixed Steam library becoming unusable after applying a controller configuration

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