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Final Fantasy XIV Steam Deck Install Guide

The Steam Deck allows the ability to play massive MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV on a handheld device. With some tweaking, you can run the game smoothly and play on on-the-go. One note, the Final Fantasy Trial download doesn't work for existing accounts, and the Steam Version is a different license from the FF14 launcher version, so you won't be able to use an existing account if you'd like to download from Steam.

Follow the steps below to get the Final Fantasy XIV launcher installed, configured, and optimized for your Steam Deck or watch the video for a full visual tutorial.


  1. Switch the Steam Deck to Desktop Mode and open the web browser.

  2. Go to the Final Fantasy XIV Loadstone download page on the official site. Select the Windows download.

  3. In the Steam Deck desktop, navigate to your Downloads folder. Add the FFXIV installer EXE as a Non-Steam Game in your Steam library.

  4. Right-click the game, and in Properties, set the Proton compatibility tool to Experimental.

  5. Run the installer, selecting your SSD drive as the install location.

    1. This should be your C Drive. For SD card installs, try your D drive.

    2. Make note of the install location; you will need this later.

  6. Once installed, remove the FFXIV installer from your Steam library.


  1. Add ffixvboot.exe from the install location as a Non-Steam game. This is the actual game launcher.

    1. You can find this by going into your root download folder (C drive for SSD), then open the run folder, then open the media folder, after opening the mmc folder, next you'll open the Final Fantasy folder, then you'll hit a Square Enix folder, open that up and find the FFXIV (or Final Fantasy XXIV) folder. Finally, you'll want to select the ffixvboot.exe

    2. Simple version: C drive -> run -> media -> mmc -> Final Fantasy -> Square Enix -> FFXIV -> ffixvboot.exe

  2. Right-click the game and set Properties to Proton Experimental again. You can also change the name on how it appears in your Library here.

  3. Launch the game from your library and log in. Let it download updates.

  4. Switch out of Desktop Mode to properly launch the game.


  1. In controller settings, enable Expanded Hold Controls and auto hotbar switching.

  2. While in controller settings, enable cross hotbar.

  3. In display settings, disable hotbar 1 and 2

  4. While in display settings, set graphics to High Laptop and turn off blur.


  1. If you want to customize the artwork for Final Fantasy XIV in your Steam library, we recommend using Decky Loader. Check out the full install guide here.

By following these steps, you can get Final Fantasy XIV running smoothly on the Steam Deck with proper control bindings and performance optimizations. Enjoy the massive world of Eorzea right from the couch or on the go!


Ronald Copland
Ronald Copland
Sep 14, 2023

Another useless guide that doesnt work.


Miah Phillips
Miah Phillips
Aug 31, 2023

This seems to longer be working after following step for step, any recommendations for a fix? Using the US version. Is there a compatibility alternative to proton experimental that may work?


Willem Moransard
Willem Moransard
Jul 31, 2023

Is there a reason you can't just buy and play the Steam version if you have an existing account?

Nov 26, 2023
Replying to

Yes. Windows and Steam version are incompatible on one account. Once you have played one you cannot play the other. Blame squeenix for their awful system.


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