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Dragon's Dogma 2 Legion Go Gameplay & Best Settings

Today's article is all about Dragon Dogma 2 gameplay running on Lenovo Legion Go. We're going to share the best recommended settings to play this game, but I must say that this game struggles a lot on this device.

To start with, it's better not to put anything higher than 800p on this device, and I have set it to low graphics quality. You can choose between high and low, but I prefer low settings. I've also customized my settings by turning off motion blur. The game has FSR 3, but it seems to be broken and doesn't make much of a difference.

The biggest thing about this game's graphical settings is that you can set how much VRAM you want the game to use, and that improves the graphical quality. I have set mine at 3GB VRAM, and that's how I got it looking as good as it does in the video.

However, this game doesn't have the best reviews on Steam due to its poor optimization and performance. It needs several patches and a lot of work. Although the cutscenes look impressive, the game is not performing very well right now. In the video, I have showcased some gameplay and shared the settings I use.

While running the game, my FPS was at 12, but when I changed the settings to FSR performance mode and reduced the VRAM to 1GB instead of 3, there was no improvement in FPS. This shows that there is something broken with the graphical settings of this game. Changing the settings doesn't seem to make a huge difference. Therefore, my recommendation would be to wait for the patches to come and wait for this game to become more playable.

Overall, if you're planning to play this game on the Legion Go, be prepared to struggle to get a consistent play.


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