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Developers Optimizing Armored Core VI for Steam Deck Performance

FromSoftware's much-anticipated mech combat game Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is set to launch later this year, and the developers are making sure it will run smoothly on Valve's Steam Deck portable PC.

In a recent preview event, Armored Core VI's director Masaru Yamamura and producer Yasunori Ogura emphasized that the Steam Deck would fully support the game. While it doesn't yet have Steam's official "Verified" status, the developers are working to optimize Armored Core VI for a broad range of PC setups, including the Steam Deck's relatively underpowered specs.

As a long-time Armored Core fan, it's great to hear the developers are keeping the Steam Deck in mind. The Steam Deck has gained popularity for letting gamers enjoy PC titles on the go, but its hardware can't always keep up with more intensive modern games. Based on the developers' comments, it sounds like they are taking careful steps to make Armored Core VI playable on Steam Deck without too many compromises:

  • According to the developers, Armored Core VI will include competitive multiplayer modes, likely utilizing anti-cheat software. Anti-cheat has sometimes hindered Steam Deck verification for other games, but evidently, the team is working to integrate it smoothly.

  • Upscaling tools like AMD's FSR aren't supported currently. While upscaling could help boost framerates on the Steam Deck, the developers seem confident in optimizing the game's performance without relying on these tools.

  • Yamamura and Ogura said they are building on optimizations made for previous FromSoftware titles like Elden Ring. Armored Core VI should run admirably if they can match Elden Ring's strong Steam Deck performance.

The Steam Deck's weaker hardware means some graphical downgrades will be inevitable. But with FromSoftware's proven track record on PC performance, I'm optimistic Armored Core VI will still impress on Valve's portable powerhouse. For fans eager to pilot hulking mechs on the go, it's great to get official confirmation directly from the developers that the Steam Deck is part of their optimization plans. Look for Armored Core VI to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC later this year.

Check out DigitalTrend's interview with the directors here.

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