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Dec 8 - Legion Go News and Roadmap Update

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

It's Friday and we have another update from Ben about what's coming next for the Lenovo Legion go and here's what he had to say:

Diving into the latest update from the world of Legion Go Gaming, specifically focusing on the Legion Go Update as of December 8, 2023. This update doesn't bring a plethora of new features compared to the previous week, but it does include some notable improvements and fixes.

Firstly, let's talk about DeadZones & Joystick Sensitivity. Lenovo is introducing DeadZone settings for better control precision. Additionally, the update will include Response Curve settings for left and right joysticks, aiming to enhance the gaming experience. This feature is scheduled for release in the mid-December update, and further improvements are expected post-release.

Next up, the V28 BIOS Release. This is now officially available on the Lenovo Support site. For those who installed the Beta v28 BIOS, there's no need to upgrade, as the official release is identical to the beta version.

In terms of graphics, new VGA drivers are on the horizon. Expected to be released within the next couple of weeks, these drivers will include integer scaling without needing registry changes, and they'll incorporate fixes and improvements from the November 7 test driver, alongside additional enhancements.

Regarding the Legion Space Update issues, such as the missing battery percentages and problems with the Legion buttons, these are being addressed. The mid-December update should solve these, including the bug where the LSDaemon.exe process isn't running properly in Windows "Battery Saver" mode.

Another interesting feature in the works is Xbox Button Mapping. The plan is to introduce a shortcut (Legion L+RS) in the mid-December update, with more mapping options to follow in later updates.

On the issues front, Lenovo is investigating concerns related to SSD temperatures and SD Reader stability, which have been affecting some users' gameplay experience.

A nifty addition coming in the next update is the "Alt+F4" command in the quick settings. It's a small, but a useful feature for quickly closing applications.

Lastly, Lenovo is working on a pathway for users to upgrade their warranty/ADP options. The team has been rebriefed, and the online system is expected to be ready to accept upgrade requests by late January or early February.

In summary, this update doesn't introduce groundbreaking changes but focuses on fine-tuning the existing features and addressing issues from the previous updates. It's a step towards enhancing the overall user experience, ensuring Lenovo gaming devices remain competitive and user-friendly.

Beta Graphics Drivers: here

Official Graphics Drivers: here

Legion Go SSD Upgrade guide: here

You can find the offical statement here

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