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Dec 5-8, Steam Deck Beta/Preview Updates

There has been a pretty steady stream of minor updates on the Steam Deck Preview and Beta channels over the last couple of days, so we've put them all together instead of lots of tiny articles and updates.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented InstallScript Windows from automatically showing when first launching a game.

  • Fixed notifications not firing for completed downloads and roll-ups of pending friend invites

  • Fixed an issue introduced in a previous preview build where touchpad clicks fail to register in some circumstances.

  • Fixed a case where the client could get stuck in Loading Library Data for users with large amounts of non-steam games.

  • Clarified the dialog message shown when trying to access the store while using Steam Link from some devices.

Steam Input

  • Fixed an issue that could cause gamepad input to stop in games after a controller disconnects or when the Deck is suspended

You can follow the Steam updates live here

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