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Dec 22 - Steam Deck Performance Roundup

Today, we have two tips and seven game performance updates for you on the Steam Deck

Steam Deck Tips

Downloading with Screen Off

A handy tip for Steam Deck users is the ability to download games with the screen turned off. This feature is accessible in desktop mode. By navigating to 'Energy Saving' under 'Power Management', and ensuring 'Suspend Session' is deactivated, downloads can continue even with the screen dimmed or turned off when connected to an external monitor.

Steam Keyboard Accessibility

A common frustration among users has been the limited functionality of the Steam keyboard in game mode. However, a new solution is available through the 'Decky loader' plugin, enabling the use of KDE Connect. This tool allows for remote input from a phone, bypassing issues with the Steam keyboard. The KDE connect guide can be found here, and a Decky loader guide can be found here

Game Performance Updates

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

A nostalgic trip with smooth performance. The game, available for a modest price on Fanatical, offers flawless max frames per second on various devices. The retro mode brings back the original graphics, though the challenge of the game remains as daunting as ever.

You can pick this up for under £3 on Fantatical here

Nuke Them All

Currently in public demo, this vampire survivor-style game unfortunately struggles on the Steam Deck. Despite attempts with different proton versions, it fails to function effectively. Communication with developers is ongoing to resolve this for its expected early 2024 release.

Biotic Factor

Blending Half-Life style with survival game mechanics, this game offers a solid performance on the Steam Deck. Operating well on medium to high graphics settings, it averages 30-50 frames per second, providing a unique survival challenge in the Half-Life universe.

One Armed Robber

A free-to-play game resembling the Payday series. It operates smoothly at 50-60 frames per second on the Steam Deck. The gameplay mechanics are adapted for single-arm navigation, adding a unique twist to the cooperative experience but can be frustrating when it snaps to random objects.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Recently updated for Steam Deck compatibility, it delivers a stable 60 frames per second which it seems to be capped at. The game's performance is consistent across Steam Deck LCD and OLED, offering a satisfying racing experience.

Grand Theft Auto V

To achieve a steady 60 frames per second, it's crucial to turn off MSAA. This setting adjustment allows for high performance across various graphical settings, enhancing the GTA V experience on the Steam Deck.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

The game runs smoothly at 60 frames per second on medium to high settings. A peculiar issue regarding server connection when customizing player names was noted, but using the default name solves this. Both the full and free versions offer a comprehensive fighting experience.

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