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Dec 11 - Steam Deck Client Update

Valve just released an update for the Stable (default) channel. This update addresses several key issues to enhance the user experience and ensure smoother gameplay.


  • Install Script Windows: A crucial bug that prevented the automatic display of install script windows when launching a game for the first time has been fixed.

  • Loading Library Data: Users with a large collection of non-Steam games will no longer face issues with the client getting stuck in 'Loading Library Data'.

  • Steam Link Accessibility: The update clarifies dialog messages when accessing the store via Steam Link from certain devices.

  • Notification System: The issue of notifications not firing for completed downloads and pending friend invite roll-ups has been addressed.

Steam Input Fixes

  • Gamepad Input: A significant fix has been made where gamepad input could stop in games following a controller disconnect or when the Steam Deck is suspended. This improvement ensures continuous gameplay without the frustration of input interruptions.

Desktop Mode Enhancements

  • Systray Menu: The systray menu now updates accurately when entering or exiting Family View. This fix enhances the user interface experience in Desktop Mode, making it more intuitive and responsive to user actions.

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