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Basic tips to help you play and win rounds and matches in R6 Siege [Sponsored]

Rainbow Six Siege is a project from Ubisoft, which offers a new look at an e-sports shooter in which there is a confrontation between two teams - terrorists and special forces.

The special forces perform an attacking role and must clear the house from terrorists and defuse the bomb, or save the hostages, depending on the game map.

Terrorists, on the contrary, use the house plan to prepare for an assault and repel it in order to allow their plans to come true.

In R6 there is a high degree of destructibility of many objects and building elements, which must be used during the assault and taken into account during defense in order to gain a greater number of rounds important for victory.

If you are a good shooter, then you will have good statistics and progress in ranks and get into a team with more experienced players and stronger opponents, while defeats will, on the contrary, reduce it.

If you play well, then your positive statistics will not allow you to drop in the ranking, regardless of how your allies play.

If you are tired of having good statistics, but losing because of your allies, then you can turn to the Skycoach service for help, which will help you get to your true rank, which you deserve and will remain there if this is really the case, or gain invaluable experience and improve your game even more.

The service is performed by transferring your account to the Skycoach booster, but in return you are provided with all financial guarantees and a high level of anonymity is ensured so that the game administration does not even have formal reasons to impose gaming sanctions on you.

This approach relieves the client of the burden of personal presence at all stages of boosting in R6 and the lack of influence of his actions on the pace of task completion.

You will simply go about your business and wait until you receive a notification that the task has been completed, and you can log into your account, check the result, confirm the order and be sure to change the password, because from that moment all responsibility returns to the client.


Each side has its own strengths and weaknesses that need to be taken into account and actively used.

Special Forces have the ability to take the initiative because they choose the place, time and number of agents to be used for the strike.

They can also use various methods to confuse terrorists - this is the main attack, or a diversionary maneuver.

Terrorists will have a strong side in the form of the ability to strengthen their positions, and sometimes one such player can destroy special forces who will go straight to him and, if everything is done correctly, they will not even notice him right away.

The difficulty lies in the fact that usually assaults are repelled by a minority with the task of holding off the enemies for as long as possible until the main forces are overwhelmed.

Tips for Attack

Be careful - enemies will be able to mine entry points and if you act quickly, you can start losing agents even before entering the battle.

You can storm literally any part of the house and break through windows and even the roof, which you need to use to surprise enemies and increase your chances of boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

The special strength of special forces is that they can attack from several sides at one moment and quickly eliminate even several enemies if they act quickly and correctly, including using grenades.

The main thing is not to make any noise and not to let the terrorists understand your plans and to act in a timely manner to repel the attack, which can significantly interfere with your plans, or at least complicate them.

Don't forget to use grenades, because the higher your boost in R6, the more important they can play.

It is important to use them correctly, and the ideal format is to throw and assault simultaneously.

How it works is that one player takes a safe position and prepares a grenade, while the second player waits close and prepares to assault. There is a throw and at the moment of the explosion the second commando immediately enters the building and eliminates the stunned targets.

The plan will not always work, because the enemies may have time to turn away, or the grenade simply does not hit, but such tactics are definitely worth using.

The situation with assault grenades is complicated - on the one hand they cause good damage, but on the other hand they can injure hostages, so you need to accurately understand the game map and think through methods of using them. On the one hand, you can throw grenades at any position, or, conversely, not use them at all, but it is better to train yourself to use all means from the very beginning of your boosting in R6 Siege.

Tips for Defenders

Terrorists also have their advantages, and you need to prepare for the defense of your building.

Place mines that can eliminate the attackers even at the entry stage if they are inattentive.

Try to strengthen those parts of the walls and roof in which you think the assault will take place - this will allow you to slow down the attack and reorganize to hold dangerous points.

Try to give away those parts of the house that do not play an important role and take up defenses around your main task - near hostages, or bombs, which will significantly weaken the attackers and force them to act more carefully.

If you choose a good point for defense, then you will have a good chance of eliminating a single enemy and significantly increase the chances for your squad to win rounds and the match and improve your R6 boosting rank.

You should also use grenades and try to have a quick escape route if enemies throw grenades at you.

This can be done by throwing away a counter grenade, which will force your enemies to also react to the danger and stop their assault.


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