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Asus Confirms That The Rog Ally 2 Is Going To Be Released In 2024!

We have some exciting news! In an interview with Asus's Vice President in India we got at hint as to when the next successor of the Asus Rog Ally is going to launch. Asus has confirmed that the second generation of the ROG Ally, is set to launch in 2024. This information was gathered by an interview that was done by Techlusive where they interviewed the Vice President of Asus, we'll post the source of that interview at the bottom if you were interested in reading more about it. We break down the rest of the article here and what was said.

Introduced last year, the first ROG Ally made quite an impact. It operates on Windows 11, offering a full Windows experience combined with the perks of a gaming PC. Arnold Sue, the Vice President of Asus in India, shared insights in an interview with Techlusive. The device has sold between 70,000 to 80,000 units in India alone, primarily to early adopters.

Looking ahead to the ROG Ally 2, there's a lot of speculation about what this new model will bring. Given the typical annual updates in the PC market, it's reasonable to expect significant enhancements in the ROG Ally 2. Competitors like the Steam Deck's recent OLED upgrade, set a high bar.

So, what could we anticipate with the ROG Ally 2? Firstly, a display upgrade seems plausible. While the original had a 7-inch screen, there's potential for a larger display, possibly around 8 inches, possibly with OLED technology. This would address one of the main critiques of the first model - its relatively small screen size.

Internally, we might see substantial changes. A jump to 32 GB of RAM and the latest AMD chipsets could significantly boost performance, making the device more competitive. This would not only enhance gaming experiences but also align with general advancements in handheld gaming technology.

Another desirable feature would be improved connectivity options, like dual USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 4 support. The ability to connect an external GPU, for instance, would be a major selling point, expanding the device's utility and performance capabilities.

Asus's approach to the ROG Ally 2 is eagerly awaited. Will it be a minor refresh focusing on display upgrades, or will we see a complete overhaul with significant internal improvements? This development is definitely something to watch out for, and it will be interesting to see when Asus plans to unveil this much-anticipated device. Whether it's early, mid, or late 2024, the ROG Ally 2 is poised to make waves in the handheld gaming market when it's announced.

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