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April 7, Steam Deck Beta Updates

There have been 3 minor Steam Deck updates the last week, with a slightly more substantial one yesterday (April 6) so we put them all together for you today so you know what's been updated


  • Fixed a case where some 4K displays would show no output at bootup until the dock was reconnected

  • Fixed a case where audio could be distorted when resuming the Steam Deck

  • Fixed audio device management not working after the OS audio server restarts

  • Fixed an intermittent crash when the OS audio server restarts

  • Fixed download rate limiting not working in some cases

  • Improved performance of dual trackpad typing in the Virtual Keyboard

  • Fixed crash when after funding the Steam Wallet when attempting to make an in-game purchase in the Overlay

  • Fixed issue where the Main Menu and Quick Access Menu stopped working after selecting a custom startup movie

  • Any button press will now cancel the Wake custom startup movie

  • Fixed a black screen freeze when selecting a store widget within a news post

  • Fixed issue where touching/clicking on store or community links in a news post within the client would not navigate to the website

  • Changed game invitations to show the launch option dialog instead of using the first option in the list. If the user has selected an option and asked to remember it, that option will be used instead of showing the dialog.

Steam Deck Desktop

  • Fixed issue where viewing app properties caused the Steam client to be unusable

Steam Input

  • Added several missing Steam Link App virtual controller-specific settings to the configurator


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