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Apr 28, Steam Deck Beta Client Update

Valve is really working hard on the next Steam client updates and Steam Deck is also getting the latest fixes, most of the latest update is only relevant to the Steam client in Desktop mode.


  • Added soundtrack playback controls to the library and quick access menu

Steam Desktop Mode

  • Fixed issues with the main window rendering black due to GPU compositing being disabled

  • Fixed login dialog briefly showing when shutting down the Steam Client

  • Updated to some icons in the Settings dialog

  • The game is ready for preload & game released spotlight in the library will no longer show for users who own the game through family sharing

  • Added a 'Compatibility' tab to Settings where SteamPlay settings can be changed.

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed overflow of friend icons

  • No longer close chat windows when toggling the visibility of the Friends List from the Toolbar

  • Added Players section and a button to view the Players dialog

Screenshot Manager

  • Screenshots now are letterboxed, instead of squished, if they are a different aspect ratio than 16:9

  • Fixed an issue where the Screenshot Manager would not switch to a new selection if it was already open

Players Dialog

  • Added users in the current game to the top of the list when sorted by time

  • Added friend status to the rightmost column

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