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Apr 26, Proton Experimental Update

Proton Experimental got an update last night including the following changes:

  • The Following games are Now playable:

    • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    • Minecraft Legends

    • Company of Heroes: Battle of Crete


  • Fixed Proton 8.0 regressions:

    • Baldur's Gate 3 no longer launches to a black screen in Vulkan mode.

    • Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition and Divinity Original Sin II: Definitive Edition no longer crashes on resolution change.

    • Path of Exile no longer crashes.

    • GTA V no longer freezes after each key press.

  • Fixed Proton Experimental regression causing Payday 2 to crash on start.

  • Improved Elden Ring compatibility compared to Proton 8.0-1. It can still be a bit finicky.

  • Fixed memory leak in Trackmania and Ubisoft Connect overlay.

  • Added a temporary workaround for EA Launcher crashing. Steam Deck's on-screen keyboard may not pop up automatically while using it.

  • Fixed Madballs in Babo: Invasion claiming the game wasn't purchased.

  • Fixed PlanetSide 2 launcher.

You can track the full list of changes and the changelog here


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