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AAA Lenovo Legion Go Games That Hit 144hz

We are going to be covering the top AAA games that achieve a smooth 144Hz on the Lenovo Legion Go.

Ace Combat 7: Starting with Ace Combat 7, I noticed that initially, the game struggles to hit 144Hz. However, once the action kicks in, the frame rate stabilizes impressively. With medium settings, hitting 144Hz becomes quite manageable, though it does dip below during intense battles or when flying through clouds. Lowering the settings to 'low' certainly pushes the frame rate above 144Hz, but the focus here is on balancing good looks with performance.

Doom Eternal: Next up, Doom Eternal. this game indeed hits 144Hz, but it dips every once in a while. I kept the settings at medium, and despite this, the game maintains a steady 144Hz. Doom Eternal shines on the Legion Go, especially considering it's running at 800p. The game's fluidity across platforms is a testament to the developers' prowess.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps: This title might stir some debate regarding its AAA status, but it's an incredible game that Microsoft has positioned as a triple-A title. Most settings were high, and the game easily achieved 144Hz. The visual appeal on the 8.8-inch display is stunning, making it a must-play.

Mad Max: One of my personal favorites, Mad Max, mostly maintains around 120-130Hz but does occasionally hit 144Hz, particularly when driving. It's noteworthy that this performance is on medium settings. The game offers a good balance of visual fidelity and smooth performance.

Titanfall 2: Lastly, Titanfall 2 is probably the best showcase of 144Hz gaming on this list. It consistently runs at 144Hz on medium settings and looks fantastic on the 800p display. The game is an absolute joy, with an engaging story mode and fun multiplayer.

These games demonstrate that the Lenovo Legion Go is more than capable of handling big titles at 144Hz, especially in medium settings. This should dispel any doubts about the device's gaming prowess.

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