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A NEW EASY Way To Download Games On The Steam Deck With Your Screen OFF!

Great news for Steam Deck fans! Today, I'm excited to showcase an awesome plugin called Reshadeck that allows you to download games and apps in the background of your Steam Deck. This is especially helpful if you have a Steam Deck Lite and want to avoid burnout. It's great to see the community come together to create this plugin that we've been asking for a long time.

To get started, you'll need to install De Key Loader, which I have a tutorial on in the description below. Once you have it installed, you can browse for Reshadeck Deck and install it. Next, go to settings and change the pre-release to testing, not stable.

After that, you can open up Reshadeck and select "none" for the shader and turn off the screen saver. To test if this works, I downloaded Red Dead Redemption 2 while the screen was off, and when I turned it back on, the download was complete. This is a great way to download games in the background without burning out your Steam Deck.

But before I go, I want to give a shoutout to today's sponsor, Maximum Settings. With Maximum Settings, you can experience the entire Steam Deck game library at peak performance. You can unlock enhanced ray tracing support, boost your frame rates, and achieve 100% compatibility across all your games. It extends seamlessly to your desktop, laptop, Mac, smartphones, Android devices, and tablets, transforming them into formidable gaming platforms at the cutting edge of technology.

I use Maximum Settings on my Steam Deck, and I have to say it's an incredible experience. Games that are difficult to run on the Steam Deck like Dragon Dogma 2 run smoothly with it.


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