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20k Subscribers Giveaway

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I can't believe it, Steam Deck Gaming is still under 1 year old and we have already hit 20k Subscribers! What an awesome community you are, it's been a fantastic year already.

UPDATE: Entries are closed, winners are posted at the bottom of the page.

To celebrate, we are launching a very special giveaway.

20 People will get the chance to win a game of choice on Steam, as long as it is Verified or Playable on Steam Deck, the game must be released and only base versions of the game can be chosen up to a max value of £40.

You can see the full list of over 7,000 games here

Due to the number of winners, we will keep the entries open for 1 week from Jan 29, 2023. Entries will close at 5 pm GMT on February 5, 2023, and winners will be announced on both platforms within 48 hours, winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen.

We will pick 10 winners from our Youtube Community post and 10 winners from Twitter, this page will be updated with the winners below.

Good luck all and Happy Steam Deck Gaming!

Entry Rules:

Twitter Entries: Must be following Steam Deck Gaming on Twitter and liked or retweeted the competition Post.

Youtube Entries: Must be Subscribed to the Steam Deck Gaming Youtube channel and commented on the community post.

YouTube Winners:

  • hoults

  • Carlos Parra

  • Pokémon Love

  • Michael Roybal

  • Ramin Bashirov

  • Gabriel Romao

  • Lukaros

  • Fiato Bitshamer

  • Pranal

  • HitBattousai

Twitter Winners:

  • @ner0h

  • @TheMostWantedYT

  • @jakeylantern

  • @Jxse_Sxntiago

  • @IamYungRock

  • @VictorMLeonLla1

  • @Justin_cng

  • @Whateverfates32

  • @migsmigsmigs_

  • @kevinakacod

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