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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Steam Version Best Settings

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is finally on Steam, unfortunately this doesn't hold 60 frames per second off the bat but we're going to take you through the best settings here of what my favorite settings are overall as well as stable 30 and 40 frames per second.

Just a side note FSR does not do a great job in this game, on medium settings with FSR on quality or even balanced does not hold 60 frames per second, it just makes the image look worse so if you are thinking about using FSR then I would just avoid it in this one especially as every time you change the settings you have to restart the game.

Our Best settings for this is actually 40 FPS on the high preset with motion blur disabled v-sync enabled and the Steam Deck capped at 40 Hertz. This looks absolutely fantastic on the Steam Deck. You will notice that you will get a bit of a lag spike every now and when the auto save kicks in it does just dip it down a few frames per second but overall the quality at 40 FPS, even with fast motion is absolutely superb.

This is my favorite as it gets the higher quality and it also gets that higher frame rate just a bit more and I don't mind the occasional little lag spike and you don't really notice it that much overall.

If you do want to make this completely stable though you can put the FPS limit in game to 30, keeping that v-sync on you will get a solid, stable 30 FPS. It still will get a very small lag spike every now and then but the auto save lag spike doesn't seem to kick in at 30 frames per second

If you do want to keep a super solid 40 FPS then you need to drop this down to medium and I would also say to put the frame cap to 40 in-game as well as the 40 Hertz mode. This definitely gave the most stable experience overall for me and you don't notice a huge amount of difference apart from a little bit of blurriness around the character model and some of the further areas from high preset. Although I do still prefer the high graphics overall and you will still get that loading spike every now and then for the auto save at 40 FPS.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is working absolutely perfectly on Steam deck and it is just going to be down to your preference whether you want to run at 30 FPS or 40 FPS.




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