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Turn Your Steam Deck into a Laptop

Want to turn your Steam Deck into a full laptop or just want a bigger screen?

  • Lightweight

  • Great Screen

  • Touch Screen

  • Keyboard and Trackpad

  • Integrated 10,000mAh Battery

Great battery life

  • Doesn't charge the Steam Deck

  • Large device to carry

  • No USB for external Devices

  • Expensive

The Uperfect Lapdock is something to fill the void of a laptop however this does come at a cost and quite a hefty one at that at £340. So it looks like a laptop but it's not a laptop it's something called a lap Dock.

It has the USBC, micro USB port and another USBC out as well as a mini HDMI.

Size wise this is a 13.3 inch and it is a little bit bigger than the iPad 9th generation and it pretty much weighs about the same as well so if you are looking for a comparison there is a bit of a difference here.

One thing that caught me out is that the power button is on the side not on the front as you would expect.

The touch screen has a nice feature to access the menu, you just swipe down to get to the menu here it has some nice little controls of being able to switch power mode on and off so whether you have pass-through charging or whether you have the USBC as the input or the mini HDMI touchscreen its quick to toggle on Screen.

The touch screen is very responsive and it is very very good.

Battery life of the lapdock in non-charge mode is 4-5 hours and 2-3 hours if charging another device, unfortunately it does not output enough to charge the Steam Deck, with a game running on a slow charge (the deck warning shows) it prevented an extra 5% drain in charge mode vs non-charging.

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