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Our Favorite Steam Deck Accessories

We cover a lot of Steam Deck Accessories, some sponsored, some new that we just liked the look of, some crazy, but we always have our favorites and must-have accessories for the Steam Deck for our day to day to use. So we thought we would put all our favorites in one place so we can keep this list up to date as things change.

Bluetooth Keyboard & mouse combo - Rii i4 Dual mode keyboard/mouse

Kick Stand Case

Samsung Evo A2/U3 Micro SD Card

JSAUX Steam Deck Dock

UGreen 145W Power Bank

Get it here:

Steam Deck Modcase

Uperfect 144Hz 16 Inch 1440p Portable Monitor

TomToc Steam Deck Slimline Case


TomToc Arccos Steam Deck Carry Bag


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