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May 15-17, 3 more days of Steam Deck Beta Client Updates

There have been a lot of desktop mode updates for the Steam Deck beta channel lately, so we have been waiting for some general updates to report them as most people only use game mode, after 3 days running of patches again, we got some general updates, so we rolled them all into one for you.


  • Reduced the amount of time the Battery Full icon lingers in the header from 60s to 5s.

  • Fixed manual proxy settings not applying to the integrated web browser.

Steam Input

  • Reduced rumble request frequency - the requests over Bluetooth may have been causing latency in some gyro over Bluetooth setups.

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed mouse input not working in the Store/Community pages on process startup.

  • Fixed mouse input not working in the top area of the window when dpi scaling was enabled

  • Fixed an issue where the main Steam window would be displayed, instead of minimized, when the computer started.

  • Fixed an issue where the main Steam window would display a black page and was generally unresponsive, if it was closed after the main window was maximized.

  • Fixed fullscreen video showing in the containing window rather than fullscreen

  • Updated Screenshot Manager to support non-Steam games better.

  • Added support for pasting images into Game Notes.

  • Hide window resize gripper when in pinned mode.

  • Fixed the issue showing "0" when there are no other users to compare your Achievements with.

  • Fixed Issues with re-triggering the last requested rumble state when changing app focus.

  • Reduced maximum individual SIAPI rumble requests from 10s down to 1.4 seconds.

  • Added minimize and maximize buttons to the standalone tabbed browser

  • Fixed "View Updated Items" context menu items in the Downloads section for games that have updated Workshop items

  • Fixed sizing of the language dropdown for EULAs

  • Fixed the issue with selecting multiple screenshots in the new screenshot dialog

  • Fixed the issue where images in-game notes would stick around on disk after they had been deleted from the notes themselves.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in game notes showing with no titles when they were only images.

  • Fixed issue with a black Library pane when starting Steam in small mode, but then switching to large mode

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