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May 13 - Steam Deck Client Update

A bug fix release has been rolled out through the Beta channel and quickly into the Stable channel, fixing the following issues:


  • Fixed an error when viewing a screenshot notification for a screenshot that is no longer available.

  • Restored missing soundtrack controls when viewing a soundtrack in the library.

Steam Input

  • Gyro On/Off Haptic bump now defaults to "Off". Moved the option to the Haptics area of each mode settings page. Haptic intensity defines how strong the Haptic Bump is.

  • Camera Angle related actions (Turn 360, Reset Camera, and Face Direction) have been moved out of the "Mouse" binding tab into their own "Camera" tab.

  • Fix: removed "Mute" button option on Gyro Button Picker for DualShock

  • Minor UI Tweaks.

You can follow the Steam Deck client news directly here


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