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May 10-12, Steam Deck Beta Client Updates

The Steam Deck beta channel is getting updates thick and fast once again, so here are all the latest updates, there were also a couple of minor updates on May 10 and May 11 so we rolled it all into one.


  • Add new notification indicators

  • Fixed a navigation issue in the Quick Access Menu showing the last section, instead of the Performance section, when selecting the Battery icon in the header

  • Restored display of Special Offers in the What's New section of the home screen.

  • Added ability to filter Achievements list

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed category capsules overflowing into the app details page when the window is very narrow

  • Updated Controller Summary page so that it scales better at different sizes

  • Fixed menu bar items not opening on hover when the window was not focused.

  • View All Achievements now shows the new Achievements panel that was previously only available in the in-game overlay

  • Added a new "In Progress" section to the Achievements panel, which also can be sorted.

  • Made the Achievements panel pinnable and reduced its minimum size in the in-game overlay. Together with the new "In Progress" section, users can use this as a way to keep track of Achievements while in-game.

  • Remove notifications 48 hours after they were viewed

  • Add new notification bell in the header for Big Picture Mode (not yet available on Steam Deck)

  • Fixed notification popups for family sharing and download events not appearing while in-game

  • Changed the text in the Hardware Information and Steam Runtime Information dialogs to be mouse selectable.

Steam Input

  • Updated Controller Summary page so that it scales better at different sizes

  • Added mouse position dialog to configurator w/ support for transparency to the game or using your screenshots for position

  • Fixed a regression w/ exporting configs from the recent beta

You can track all the latest news directly, here


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