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Last Epoch Steam Deck Performance

Updated: Feb 28

Latest version of Last Epoch is released, and although it's a gorgeous game, it does have its own mini quirks with micro stutters, menus and camera issues on Steam Deck.

Currently in menus there are issues with hovering your selection. There's a bit of guesswork when it comes to knowing what you have selected and what you're going to be changing. Thankfully Last Epoch has not only online offline mode, but controller support which makes it very snappy on Steam Deck.

Performance-wise, dipping between 40-50 with more dense fights with lots of enemies on screen seems to be a bit more commonplace than expected. This doesn't detract from the experience though as this is with settings on medium. It does take some time to get into some areas from instancing, where load times can get a bit higher.

Other small quirks include: 1. No map outline when exploring, which is unfortunate and does seem to be Steam Deck specific. 2. Chat pops up from time to time, despite the setting being disabled in menus.

Last Epoch has an incredible amount of depth when it comes to builds, passives and skill trees. While it has its share of quirks on the Steam Deck, it's nevertheless a super enjoyable experience!


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