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June 27-29 Steam Deck Beta Client updates

The updates to the beta channel are still coming thick and fast, here is the latest 3 days worth of updates bundled together


  • Small organization and clarity changes to notifications settings.

  • Fixed issue that could cause an error when entering a valid Steam Guard code.

  • Fixed rare achievement animation not appearing when Steam was not focused or hovered instead of just pausing.

Steam Input

  • Fixed some Nintendo Switch Pro controllers not being recognized after the last Steam update

  • Fixed Action Set Changed notification not appearing when changing an action set, for example when changing between gamepad and desktop sets on the desktop.

Desktop Mode

  • Screenshots Manager: Privacy dropdown selector for local screenshots will now remember the last selection.

  • Screenshots Manager: Clicking the large image in the right panel will now open a larger popup of the screenshot.

  • Fixed URL bar in popup/overlay browser sometimes being out of date.

  • Added battery indicator to the desktop overlay.

  • Fix a case where the overlay could have dpi scaling applied twice.

  • Fix login window having the wrong dimensions when dpi scaling is enabled.

  • Fix a case where menus could get clipped if dpi scaling is enabled.

  • Fix a case where disabling dpi scaling via settings wouldn't have any effect.

  • Fixed stability of blue focus bar at the top of various windows.

  • Fixed "When a screenshot is taken, display a notification" setting not being honored and "When a screenshot is taken, play a sound" only changing after the current game has exited.

  • Fixed window control positions on chat settings popups.

  • Fixed a bug viewing server info from server browser

  • Fixed a bug where connecting to server with password from server browser would not give you an opportunity to enter the password

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed soft-lock when a game requests that asynchronous game notifications be enabled.


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