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Jan 20, Steam Deck News Round-Up

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

This has been a busy week for Steam Deck News So let's talk about all of the awesome News that was released for the Steam Deck this week.

Let’s begin this week with the Updates. There were several updates released this week. There were updates for the Steam Beta Client, and several updates to Proton GE.

Let’s Start with Proton GE we had 3 different proton GE updates released this week. We had Proton GE 7-44, Proton GE 7-45, Proton GE 7-46, and Proton GE 7-47 released for the Steam Deck this week. There was also an update to Proton Experimental.

These are the changes that came with these updates.

GE-Proton 7-45 updates

The most notable updates are:

  • Driver support for Nvidia was added in version 515.49.10

  • Driver support for AMD/RADV (work in progress) can now be activated for testing on AMD/RADV via:

  • The dxvk-async patch has been removed from Proton-GE.

GE-Proton 7-46 updates

The following games should now be working again:

  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

  • Death Stranding

  • God of War

  • The Division 2

GE-Proton 7-44 updates

The most notable updates are:

  • HDR Patches to dvxk and vk3d-proton

  • Wine version updated to include the alt+tab fix

  • Workaround for and issue when launching the game Pentiment (thanks tgurr)

  • Multiplayer fix for Stronghold games (thanks jopejoe1):

  • Stronghold HD

  • Stronghold Crusader HD

  • Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD

  • Fixed an issue with the framerate for Battle Fantia Revised Edition (thanks ranplayer)

  • Added a launcher workaround for Assasin's Creed Brotherhood (thanks ranplayer)

GE-Proton 7-47 Updates

Hotfix for dxvk to fix reading out-of-bounds memory cache and wring invalid state cache files.

Here are the Updates that came out for the Steam Deck Client Beta

Steam Deck Client Beta: January 16th 2023

Note: This update is for the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels, and includes new features that are still being tested. You can opt into this in Settings > System > Steam Update Channel.

  • Fixed opening onscreen keyboard in-game causing input to no longer go to game.

  • Added up/down cursor keys to keyboard, press shift then left/right cursor to use.

  • Added option to ignore Steam Rewards on Account page if they were registered by another user on the device.

  • Added pinned notifications for new inventory items, trade offers, async game turns, moderator messages, offline chat messages, and help request replies.

Proton Experimental Update

Proton Experimental version updated containing all of the previous releases in Experimental and 7.0.6 with the addition of:

  • Fix A Plague Tale: Innocence showing on-screen keyboard when starting the game on the Steam Deck.

  • Fix rendering issues during cutscenes in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

  • Fix Japanese keyboard input in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

  • Fix Football manager 2023 crashing when trying to return from a player profile.

  • Fix experimental regression: Fall in Labyrinth started crashing on some setups.

  • Improve CJK character rendering in many games including NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Souzou with Power Up Kit.

Steam Deck Client Beta: January 19th, 2023

The Steam Deck beta channel has had another update, but also rolls in some non Steam Deck Specific items, around Big Picture mode. You can find the most relevant items below:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed non-Steam apps becoming unresponsive to gamepad when onscreen keyboard is opened

  • Fixed background images on a collection on the app details page not being clipped correctly

  • Fixed issue where the Remove Collection dialog was not appearing

Steam Input
  • Handle errors better and fix some cases where configs would no longer load

  • Fixed some cases where some languages could have text overflow in choose binding screen

  • Remember the last active tab in the choose binding screen and open to that instead always using the tab w/ the current binding value

You can check out the full change log here.

Steam Deck Deals For This Week:

There are a lot of Deals Going on this week for the Steam Deck so make sure you check them out. Let’s start with the Humble Bundle deals. Humble Bundle is having a Winter Sale deal where there are sales of up to 90% off. With this deal, you can get games like Cyberpunk 2077 for $29.99 and also games like No Man’s Sky for $29.99, which is also 50% off. There are other games here that you should definitely take a look at. Here’s the link to these deals if you were interested.

There are also other Humble sales happening. There’s an “In Case If You Missed It 2022” sale. With this deal, you can get 7 games for $23. Here are some of the games that you can get.

Prehistoric Kingdom (Playable) ZERO Sievert (Playable) Submerged: Hidden Depths (Unknown, but reported working) Supraland Six Inches Under (Verified) Haiku, the Robot (Verified) PowerSlave Exhumed (Verified) Source of Madness (Verified)

There's also another Humble Bundle sale going on this one is called the Fighting Farmers sale. You can get 7 of these games for $14.

Len's Island (Playable)

Re: Legend (Unknown)

Serin Fate (Playable)

Kitaria Fables (Verified)

Forager (Verified)

The last deal that we want to report on is that Steam is having a Lunar New Year 2023 Sale. There are a lot of incredible deals going on here. Rockstar has a lot of their games on sale, and so do Sega and Capcom so if you're looking for a great sale, make sure that you check those games out.

Games That Released This Week:

There were some decent games that were released for Steam this week that runs great on the Steam Deck. Games like the Divison 2 and Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy.

We have a video showcasing the best settings for The Divison 2 running on the Steam Deck so if you were interested make sure that you check out that video.

We will be skipping over GTA trilogy as the performance hasn't been that great and we really can't recommend playing it on Steam Deck.

Also don't for that the Humble Choice bundle this month has 5 out of 8 Verified Steam Deck Games 2 Playable and 1 untested.

  1. Doom Eternal - Verified

  2. Encased - Playable

  3. Olli Olli World - Verified

  4. Conan Chop Chop - Verified

  5. Hokko Life - Verified

As a reminder:

  • Verified - game passes all compatibility checks. No configuration work is required for users to access all game functionality

  • Playable - game functions on Deck, but may require manual work from the user. (Example: manually selecting a community controller config)

  • Unsupported - officially the game does not function on Deck due to incompatibility with Proton or specific hardware components (might work with Custom Proton Versions)

  • Unknown - game has not completed the compatibility review process

Links in this article may link to a partner site we are affiliated with, if a purchase is made through one of our links we may get a small commission, we do not get any commission from the Steam Store, we also utilize some AI tools such as Grammarly and Chat-GPT to aid article creation however all source content is our won.

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