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GE-Proton7-51 Released

The latest version of GE-Proton has been released making the latest version 7-51. It's been a while since we got a GE-Proton version update and its great to see the latest fixes:

  • added fix for halo infinite (thanks TheMaister): HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton#1465

  • added fix for Anno 1800 multiplayer (thanks Knogle): ValveSoftware/wine#181

  • added protonfix for Tokyo Necro (thanks R1kaB3rN)

  • fixed typo in Witcher 2 protonfix (thanks Bitwolfies)

  • updated wine to bleeding edge

  • updated dxvk to git

  • update vkd3d-proton to git

  • removed deprecated RE:0 protonfix (thanks Bitwolfies)

  • removed deprecated Jedi Fallen order protonfix (thanks Bitwolfies)

  • removed deprecated Pentiment protonfix (thanks tgurr)

You can follow the GE-Proton repo updates here

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