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Dec 15 - Legion Go Roadmap Update

Hey Legions! It's that time again for another Lenovo Legion Go roadmap update.

There are some exciting updates on the Legion Space v1.0.2.4, set for a mid-December release. The Lenovo team is diligently working on this update, prioritizing quality over speed. Despite some weather-related delays and collaboration challenges, Lenovo are on track for a release next week.

Here's a sneak peek at the fixes and updates in this version:

  1. Deadzone Management & Response Curve Adjustments: These crucial enhancements will significantly improve your gaming experience.

  2. Xbox Key Mapping: For now, we've mapped the Xbox key to Legion L + RS, with plans for more advanced mapping in future releases.

  3. Controller Input Issue: We're addressing the problem where controller input is still active while navigating the right menu.

  4. Trackpad Vibration Switch: This new feature will add an extra layer of feedback during gameplay.

  5. Lighting Configuration Bugs: Expect smoother and more reliable lighting settings post-update.

  6. Legion Keys in Battery Saver Mode: We're fixing the bug that disables Legion keys when your device is in battery saver mode.

  7. Legion L/R Swap with View/Menu Keys: This new feature allows for more customized control.

  8. Alt+F4 Shortcut in Quick Settings Menu: A temporary solution until we can fully implement keyboard mapping to buttons.

Remember, the dates and timelines provided are targets based on current information, not fixed commitments.

No pre-release FW and SW today, as it might create more issues than it resolves.

Looking Ahead: Future Space Updates Under Evaluation

  • Key Customization/Mapping: A high-priority feature requiring extensive coordination.

  • Mouse Clicks via Left/Right Triggers: Enabled by the above implementation.

  • Game Hiding Feature in Space.

  • Desktop Mode & Taskbar/System Tray Minimization.

  • Comprehensive Customization Options for Space.

  • Integrated Driver, BIOS, Firmware Updates.

  • DPI Settings for Trackpad & FPS Mode.

  • FPS Limiter with Multiple Options.

  • Adjustable Fan Curves & Light Settings on Power Button.

  • Automatic Sleep Timing for Controllers.

  • LT/RT Deadzone/Activation Point Adjustments.

  • New VGA Drivers: We're resolving a bug to fast-track this update.

Let us know your most anticipated feature in the comments and we hope to have better news, next week

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