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Wanted: Dead Best Steam Deck Settings

Wanted: Dead is here. Thanks to 110 Industries for giving us a key so we could check this one out early and get a video and settings up for you.

This is a very interesting hybrid slasher and shooter where you have two weapons as well as a hefty sword and bullets are extremely limited.

Graphics wise though this is a hefty draw on the Steam Deck so you're going to want to put pretty much everything to low with the draw distance at medium, keep v-sync on, TAA on low with the upscaling on FSR and medium, FPS cap in Game of 60 but then on the Steam Deck you want to have it capped at 40 Hz and 40 FPS and for the most part you will get a pretty flat frame time graph but you do still get a few spikes here and there especially in some of the loading sections.


Plafond FPS


Cap RR

Fréquence de rafraîchissement





Vie de la batterie

Version protonique

Statut vérifié

2 hours



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